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At Least Three Self-Portraits

Here are some self-portraits, the first in the great tradition of poverty-stricken Rembrandt, who couldn’t afford a model. I apologize for the blurry slide, but I actually have no idea where this piece is, now. When I’ve drawn friends, they’ve … Continue reading

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The Nostalgic Dream of Cecily, The Penguin.

This is a small, whimsical collage I did just after leaving art school, as my works kept getting more three-dimensional, as their titles kept getting longer, as I started moving into the fourth dimension of the literary word, the inner … Continue reading

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Le Bestiaire Des Anges

Here it is finally, Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagne’s translation of The Book of Beasts, Le Bestiaire des Anges – the beast-book of angels — published by Quebec Amerique. I have longed to hold in my hands and feel the … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Close Encounters with Physics

This is my father and the snow-plane he built when I was a teenager, with the engine from a Corvair Corsair, and a propeller he carved out of birch — not one of my creations, but I am certainly one … Continue reading

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I Always Wear a Ball Gown and Heels To Admire the Toilet Paper

How about you? No shit. Or at least they never mention it. This is from WöM, a blending of an image of a ruined mansion from my Irish research trip for The Book of Beasts, and two advertisements that seemed … Continue reading

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