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The colour, the texture, even the shape–as if it had plopped out of the can to be sliced–I knew I’d seen it somewhere before. And then it came to me. That head is Spam all the way through.

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Coat Rivet Challenge

  Sewing leather wrecks your hands. But what are you supposed to do when you find yet another second hand leather coat that fits you perfectly, except of course for the perpetual problem of the sleeves being too short? You … Continue reading

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Making Faces For Paperwork

I am working on grant applications, oh joy, which must be why “Making Faces For Beauty,” a work from my digital magazine project, WöM appeals to me. The main part is from a 1938 magazine, and claims these facial stretches … Continue reading

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Reading: Mae West Does Eve

If I don’t do ridiculous things before I die, when will I do them? Let me assure you, these are the first falsies I’ve ever worn – the eyelashes I mean. Actually I’m lying. I won’t even attempt the costume. … Continue reading

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Harris Tweed Biker Bitch

Here is the most recent revision, only two jackets stuck together this time: a 1980’s padded-shoulder blob version of a biker jacket with only ¾ length sleeves, and a classic men’s Harris Tweed. The difficult, and it turned out, best … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Close Encounters with Physics

This is my father and the snow-plane he built when I was a teenager, with the engine from a Corvair Corsair, and a propeller he carved out of birch — not one of my creations, but I am certainly one … Continue reading

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I Was of Three Minds…

I Was of Three Minds/Like a Tree/In Which There Are Three Blackbirds — Wallace Stevens. This is from my favorite poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, by Wallace Stevens. I like this poem so much, that even in … Continue reading

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Lazlo and the Swan

Every now and then, I get a commission to do visual art. This spring I designed four glyphs for Byrna Barklay’s upcoming novel, The Forest Horses, and the swan reminded me of another swan I made when I was nineteen. … Continue reading

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Mister Screaming Pants

  Here is the collage that is on my book of poetry, a way of working that evolved from making strange earrings in art school, and eventually led to my digital images. The book was all about me breaking the … Continue reading

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  Allow me to introduce you to WöM, an unfinished digital art project trying to masquerade as a kind of inside-out women’s magazine, from which the Revisionary Party and the website drew its images. In it, I use images from … Continue reading

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