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  Allow me to introduce you to WöM, an unfinished digital art project trying to masquerade as a kind of inside-out women’s magazine, from which the Revisionary Party and the website drew its images. In it, I use images from … Continue reading

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Swiss Army Necklace

This is Revisionary jewelry, a collection of things that fall to the bottom of the junk drawer which I had gathered twenty years ago, recently added to, and stuck on a craft-store torc. It’s got everything, almost, locks, keys, pliers, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the (1950’s virtual retro) Revisionary Party! Drink!  Eat spam!  Dance on the Jello! Revisionary is an exhibition blog; it’s show-and-tell, because writing novels doesn’t give me much time to show art, and sometimes my art and writing like … Continue reading

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