Sewing? What Sewing?

I haven’t been concerning myself with wearable art much since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, I haven’t been concerning myself much with what I wear at all, unless it’s to make sure I’m wearing wrecked clothes that are covered in paint, so it doesn’t matter if I wreck them and cover them with paint. I haven’t been hitting the secondhand stores much, unless it’s the Re-Store, and I’ve been more interested in rocks and beach logs.

Once sawdust season came around I was back outside building things and moving dirt around again, but I’m posting about one of last summer’s projects which I’d been thinking of for about a decade, ever since Helen Onorah’s cast-iron stand from an old Singer sewing machine took a detour from the Hornby Island Recycling Depot to wait in limbo to become my patio table.

I finally got it done, just for the cost of the paint, the bolts, and a visit to the Courtney scrap yard for a $15 dollar sign. I wire-brushed it first, and painted the bolts also, and if I cover it up with one of my mother or grandmother’s crochet cloths, it looks fancy indeed, but I kind of like the steam punk version myself.

And then you can see not to put your kale smoothie on one of the red bolts and upset it on your fancy white linen dress.

Or I can keep from spilling my coffee on my army boots.

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