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Margaret’s Magazines

As a Canadian writer, I find it appropriate that my mother’s name was Margaret, as in Atwood, Avison, and Laurence. Though she had some talent in drawing and became a school-teacher, she made a last contribution to the cultural world: … Continue reading

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Fits Like a Glove

This is an image that I made for my digital magazine project, WöM, by harvesting images from my mother’s collection of 1940-60s women’s magazines. This was the era when it was cool to get your feet X-rayed in the shoe … Continue reading

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The Loyalty of a Woman in Love

­ This is one of my found-text digital image from my magazine satire “WöM.” The article is from a 1950 British magazine, and praises the only women who for sure, really love their husbands – the ones who get beat … Continue reading

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I Always Wear a Ball Gown and Heels To Admire the Toilet Paper

How about you? No shit. Or at least they never mention it. This is from WöM, a blending of an image of a ruined mansion from my Irish research trip for The Book of Beasts, and two advertisements that seemed … Continue reading

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Laxative Lady

This is the image on my business card, which is also Revisionary’s business card. Laxative Lady is from an ad from one of my mother’s 1950s women’s magazines, for the laxative “Bile Beans,” and reflects my attitude, and the blog’s … Continue reading

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  Allow me to introduce you to WöM, an unfinished digital art project trying to masquerade as a kind of inside-out women’s magazine, from which the Revisionary Party and the website drew its images. In it, I use images from … Continue reading

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Welcome to the (1950’s virtual retro) Revisionary Party! Drink!  Eat spam!  Dance on the Jello! Revisionary is an exhibition blog; it’s show-and-tell, because writing novels doesn’t give me much time to show art, and sometimes my art and writing like … Continue reading

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