Sex, Death, and Naked Men

Sex, Death, and Naked Men: Cover


Prairie Fire, Tom Schmidt:

“reads like a freight train bearing down on you”

“ferocious feminist verse that chews up the patriarchs of western

civilization from Freud to Plato to the Pope and spits them out.”

CV2, Tanis MacDonald:

“intelligent and hilarious”

“not for anyone who wishes to keep their dogma chained up in their mental backyard.”



“Friesen is a stand-up comic”

“uproariously, ribaldly funny”

“she has merged with the goddess Kali”


Bernice Friesen

God’s Penis

He finds it eternally funny

Christians have a problem

with His anatomy.

They wanted a male God


can’t imagine Him actually using it

but would God

have a useless appendage?

He smiles, spews forth another

hundred thousand stars.

Mae West Does Eve

Pull a man’s penis

and he’ll unravel

like a skein of wool.

It was something my mother taught me.

I’ll tell you why I found the snake so appealing.

I was just looking for a man who was all dick.

How much fun do you think Adam could have been

before sin was invented?


Give me an airplane.



The impact

that comes

right up

through me

when it swallows its wheels.

Fly me into the black rainbow of dawn


Perhaps for obvious reasons this book, published by Coteau Books, is now out of print.  It can still be purchased from the author:

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