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Funny Bunny

Okay, it’s not art, but I made it, and am proud of it. And I fell in love with power tools. My daughter’s Funny Bunny was driving me crazy gnawing on her cage in the house, and she’s much happier … Continue reading

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Squid Truck

Here is the Squid Truck, photographed in installation at my show at he the Hornby Island Co-op. It somehow seems to fit with the pineapples, and especially with the sign that says Bag of Lemons. It was inspired by a … Continue reading

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Coat-Poem in Progress

I am post-first-draft of a new novel, and my children have had only two normal weeks of school (meaning four days per week) in almost 2 ½ months, since the beginning of December due to illness, power outage, ferry shut-down, … Continue reading

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The Loyalty of a Woman in Love

­ This is one of my found-text digital image from my magazine satire “WöM.” The article is from a 1950 British magazine, and praises the only women who for sure, really love their husbands – the ones who get beat … Continue reading

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One Ton Collage

Now for something completely different. It’s 14 feet in diameter and is the weightiest thing I’ve ever done entirely on my own, right down to the hoiking of the slate, some pieces weighing around a hundred pounds. I leveled the … Continue reading

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Chinese Dress

I’ve always thought red brocade Chinese dresses were beautiful, but they’re made for hipless women about 30 cm. shorter than I am. I found one second-hand for two dollars, and cut it straight up the back, inserting a kind of … Continue reading

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Reading: Mae West Does Eve

If I don’t do ridiculous things before I die, when will I do them? Let me assure you, these are the first falsies I’ve ever worn – the eyelashes I mean. Actually I’m lying. I won’t even attempt the costume. … Continue reading

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Harris Tweed Biker Bitch

Here is the most recent revision, only two jackets stuck together this time: a 1980’s padded-shoulder blob version of a biker jacket with only ¾ length sleeves, and a classic men’s Harris Tweed. The difficult, and it turned out, best … Continue reading

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Isis Here is the night garden I have sown for love, a rapture of water for thirsting feet, oil-curdled and blood-run, the firstborn man-children eaten by locusts above the flooding, the lotus moon-cool, rushes in the dark air, green water … Continue reading

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Reading of The Book of Beasts

Coming from my recorded interview with Wes Funk on Shaw Cable’s Lit Happens, I must document here that he called me The Lady Gaga of Saskatchewan. Something to write on my tombstone. I must signal my pod-bearers to help get me carried … Continue reading

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