Me and Barbarella, We Like THAT

Hey everyone, I’m starring alongside Barbarella in the Vancouver Sun’s You secton–Jan. 22 online and Jan 23. hard copy! After being called the Lady Gaga of Saskatoon, I think it’s only right!

Really, it’s not me, but my latest novel, Universal Disorder, being given a great review by Tom Sandborn, and he shows some great writing talents himself.

That photo of me was taken by my good friend, the wonderful photographer Gina-Rae Horvath when she wanted to mess around in another friend’s private junkyard. I keep meaning to get some real headshots taken, but this past covid season, I haven’t felt able to play rockstar enough.

But Barbarella has it all making sense!

I love my kid’s generation. They don’t buy the gender stereotype thing, or even the gender thing. As a farm kid who put on her girlness like a prom dress that didn’t fit and could only play it like a drag queen, it feels miraculous to be told that this is normal.

I can be Barbarella if I want.

Or just a human being.

So here’s some searingly wonderful praise for Universal Disorder from the pen of Tom Sandborn…

a “work of glittering brilliance and heart scalding grief”

“richly complex and moving”

“make no mistake, while Friesen is working with profoundly tragic elements of human experience here — guilt, loss, madness and dread — she always gets the joke.”

“This is a remarkably well crafted and moving novel. Highly recommended.”

… and you can read the whole of Tom Sanborn’s review in the Vancouver Sun here.

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