The Meat Issue

When looking through my mother’s old magazines from the 1950s, the theme that stood out the most was the conspicuous consumption of meat – pork, beef, chicken, lamb — and the multitude of ways to prepare the female flesh.

When I traveled in Korea and took in the Seoul markets, I discovered pig’s heads for sale, priced by the size of the smile – the bigger the smile, the more expensive the meal.

When I learned digital imaging, being aware of the way photos of the female body are altered — “fixed” — for mass market consumption, I tried an experiment; I altered the size of breasts and the length of legs to see whether our expectations had been altered – did modern digitally deluded people really expect women to have longer legs and larger breasts than normal?

No one in my class guessed which woman is correctly proportioned.

Hence, the subtext of my art project woman’s magazine WöM is The Meat Issue: flesh for all kinds of consumption.

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