Beaded Leather Obi

Obi composite image

This is the project, finally completed, which gave me a sewing injury I’ve been nursing since the fall. I’d come across an old canvas corset – a man’s corset, my husband thinks – that I’d picked up twenty years ago and preserved as a kind of antique. I decided to build over it to make a wide belt that wouldn’t crumple.

I cut off the laces and all the other standard torture features, and covered it with segments from a very nice Sally-Anne coat. It was the beadwork that was killing. I took it for a test-drive, wearing it over a fuchsia East-Indian kameez I also got second-hand. I was very pleased with it, however, it’s still a corset, and I took it off when I got home.

Now that the injury has calmed down, I’ve been picking away at a very big project that involves the amalgamation of four (maybe five, maybe six) second-hand jackets into one coat.

So far it’s riding my favourite edge; people won’t be sure whether I’m joking or not. Think purple and orange brocade, shades of red-orange leather, and striped fox-paw fur. It’s going to be very heavy. At the moment it feels as if I’ve murdered a Muppet:

“Sweetums lay your ugly head,

Down upon your wretched bed…”

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